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About Us


We are a dedicated team of highly professional installers to the exterior restoration and wall coating industry. We strive for perfection in marketing, installations, and customer satisfaction, with thousands of satisfied customers throughout the UK. Our mission is to continue to provide an excellent service to all our clients.


The future of our continuous success, is to improve our products and to improve our industry's expertise by investing into future development and looking to improve the already advanced systems that we use today to protect the British homes from the British weather.


Our installation teams have decades of personal experience. They are a product of our dedication and investment in building a highly trained team to raise the standards for the demanding and ever increasing use of our specialist products .


We have divided our business into four main sections, with each one having an obligation and undertaking to support the others, thus creating a formidable operation.





Before Ravensmead
After Ravensmead

So Why Chose For Ever Homes Restoration Ltd?

  • We have a £5,000,000 Public Liability insurance policy.

  • We do not use sub-contractors, all crews are employed and crews are managed by foreman with at least 20 years specialist exterior protection experience.

  • All our jobs are specified, fixed priced and subject to a trading standards approved contract.

  • Work and products come with an up to a 25 year guarantee.

  • Our products from rendering to final application are specialist, high quality and designed to last.

  • We are a Limited company

  • All contracts are subject to a 25% deposit before commencement of works there will be nothing else to pay until the job is complete to you satisfaction, there are no interim payments.

  • We take and prefer all major debit cards via our WorldPay service.

  • We can produce hundreds of references and properties with satisfied customers that should you wish you can meet by request. Properties can be seen by looking through our Facebook profile (updated frequently) or this website.

Sue Newton Co-Ordinator
Tom Kirwin CM
Tim Perry Co-Ordinator

The Team

Tom Kirwin - Director

Tom has 30 years of experience in the building industry. As far as Managing Directors go, Tom is very 'hands on' with all sides of the business, overseeing all installations, working within all departments and ensuring everything from the first point of contact with the customer to the finished product is professionally overseen.

Tim Penny - Partner in charge of Marketing

Tim is responsible for all of the company's advertising and promotional activity.  Tim also handles all the company appointments, diaries, and is a full time office member of staff. If you call the office line 9/10 times Tim will answer and be more than happy to help you.


Colin Showler our Senior Contracts Managers

Colin's responsibilities are certainly demanding. As installations manager he has to ensure all crews are working efficiently and effectively, arranging the start and completion of all installations, and monitoring the progress of each installation at every stage where possible.

As contracts managers they also have to insure all crews are working continuously.

Sue Newton - Production Co-Ordinator

Sue's section is responsible for materials and arranging scaffolding. She also ensures that our specialist products and all necessary materials are on site and on time, ensuring a swift and smooth installation. Sue also supports Tim with appointment co-ordination.

As you can see, all sections share their responsibilities. Their combined performance and years of experience in their individual expertise assures the safe and smooth running of the company.

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